Woom Talent Center has been offering instrumental and voice lessons, music classes for young children, music theory, composition classes, group lessons for piano & more!

You can learn more about our founder, the renowned Antonella Digiulio at: https://antonelladigiulio.com or watch the video and keep reading below to learn all about the studio and what we do!

The Woom Talent Center is a community for the development of individual artistic talents and is based in Western New York. It was founded in 2010 by renowned pianist and music theorist Antonella Di Giulio.

The center uses different locations, with the two main studios located in Grand Island and Getzvile, NY and it is easily accessible for students in both, Erie County and Niagara County. Woom Talent Center offers a wide range of activities and events in the community to all levels and ages, focusing mainly on music instruction, music training and research and musical development.

Our mission is to nurture talents through art in order to create a community based on the highest value of the individual’s best interest through music and culture.

The Center’s approach is based on the idea that every individual has talents and gifts that can be developed. Very young students will gain not only deep knowledge and appreciation of music but they will also to enhance their self-esteem and build their character. All students can develop their innate talent potential at their own pace in a friendly and supportive environment.

We offer individual lessons in Piano, Violin, Viola,  Clarinet, Oboe, Saxophone, Voice and Music Theory as well as Composition classes for kids and music group classes for the youngest. We organize lectures and recitals at different venues. Classes are taught by highly trained instructors.

Many of our students are competition winners and regularly perform throughout the region.