Established in 2010 within the vibrant city of Buffalo, NY, Woom Talent Center has emerged as a dynamic educational institution catering to the Western New York region. Since its inception, the center has exhibited remarkable growth, fostering an expansive range of offerings that encompass instrumental and vocal lessons, music classes tailored to young children, music theory instruction, composition courses, collective piano sessions, chamber music coaching, performance mentoring, and professional development for musicians, instructors, and educators. This diverse curriculum sets the stage for exhilarating artistic collaborations.

Distinguished by our innovative pedagogy, distinctive performances, and pioneering initiatives in education, community engagement, and social inclusion, Woom Talent Center stands at the forefront of creative artists’ instruction. Our commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new standards has positioned us as a trailblazer in nurturing artistic talent. With an unwavering dedication to forging a new era of arts and humanities education in the 21st century, we seamlessly integrate the wisdom of our heritage with the promise of innovation, thus cultivating the visionary leaders of tomorrow.

Our esteemed faculty members bring a wealth of expertise to the Woom Talent Center community. Possessing exceptional qualifications in their respective fields, they are resolutely devoted to fostering the individual growth of our students. As catalysts for personal and artistic development, our faculty members inspire and guide students on their journey toward artistic excellence.

    Dr. Antonella Di Giulio, Ph.D.

Piano, Music Theory, Musicianship


Antonella Di Giulio is a pianist, music theorist, pedagogue, author, and speaker.

In addition to her doctoral studies in Music Theory and Musicology at the University at Buffalo, Antonella Di Giulio holds a Master Degree in piano performance from the same University, post -diploma certifications in piano performance, a diploma in piano from the Conservatory Santa Cecilia in Rome (Italy). As a researcher, her interests are in music cognition, theory of images in music, music as a language, harmonic language in contemporary music, Italian composers in the XX century, set theory and Mathematics.

She studied piano with Luigi Mostacci and Carla Giudici thank to a European Union’s fellowship, and then in Germany with Sontraud Speidel and Michael Rische. While living in Europe, she had the possibility to take lessons from some of the best pianist and pedagogues, like Oxana Yablonskaya, Paul Badura Skoda, L. Hoffmann, Marcello AbbadoAquiles Delle Vigne, Silvana Libardo, Roberto Cappello, Takaschy Yamazaky, Elza KolodinSergio Fiorentino, Klaus Kauffmann, Walter Blankenheim, and Eugene Mougilevsky; she studied under the tutelage of Professor Lola Tavor in Milan and Geneve; she was also awarded in many national and international competitions. The German Newspaper Rheinische Post describes her performances as impressing ““… Mit ihrer kompetente Virtuosität, ihrer breit gespannten Expressivität wie ihrer enormen Klangsensibilität…“ (with her competent virtuosity, broad expressivity as well as her huge sound sensibility).

Her additional studies included pedagogy, teaching certifications, courses for music-management as well as workshops for group lessons at the piano. Antonella was music teacher trainer for the “Bertelmann’s Foundation” for the Project “Kita macht Musik”, has trained extensively in the Suzuki Method and Children Music Lab, she has authored a music workbook for preschool children, a music theory workbook, and “Sequenze libere”; she is editor for different professional and academic magazines and journals.

She regularly performs for a number of associations and festivals as a soloist and in different chamber music ensemble with a particular interest in Italian composers.(e.g. RAI – Italian television-  International Festival Anzio – Petrassi, Messiaen- Kawai Europa – Krefeld, RWN – Krefeld, A.Gi.Mus., Roma, “Circolo sottoufficiali” Bologna, Marigliano, Klavierwochen Waldkraiburg, Ass. “Il Coretto” Bari, Monopoli, Festival Ostra, Weyden, Bayreuth, Plauen, Geldern, Mitrovica, Dortmund, Sonsbeck, Windhagen, Kalkar, Bremen, Firenze, Lipsia etc….)

Antonella has been acclaimed for her exciting and sovran pianism and for her attention to the quality of sound and has received particular praise for her outstanding pedagogical engagement. She teaches piano, early childhood music education, and general music education and holds the position of Artistic Director of numerous workshops and Festivals. Currently President of the Chromatic Club of Buffalo, the oldest association for classical musicians in Western New York, she served on the board of directors for several years and is very in involved in the community.

She was faculty at the Accademia Pucciniana in Isernia, Kreismusikschule Kleve e.V., Buffalo Suzuki Strings, and Buffalo State College. She is often invited as a guest teacher and pianist for lectures, summer camps, and seminars, and is the founder and artistic director of Woom Talent Center and Interarts Academy. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of MusicaIQ.

Alessia Paolini

Piano, Voice

Italian soprano Alessia Paolini received a Master’s Degree in Voice Performance from Houghton College, NY, and a Master’s degree in Voice summa cum laude with honors at the Conservatory of Music of L’Aquila, her hometown. She studied at the University of Music and Arts in Graz (Austria), on an Erasmus Scholarship Program, specializing in German Opera and Lieder- Art Song repertoire.

Kristen Stadelmaier

Strings, woodwinds

Kristen Stadelmaier is the newest member of the team at WTC. She is a recent graduate of the SUNY Fredonia’s Graduate Program, and received her Master of Music Education degree in August of 2020. Kristen received her Bachelor of Music Education in 2017 from Buffalo State College. For both degrees, Kristen studied oboe and English horn.

Currently, Kristen is the interim orchestra director at Frontier Middle School, where she teaches the 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade orchestras. Kristen has taught at Williamsville CSD in a temporary position and has been to many different schools as a per diem substitute. Kristen performs with the Orchard Park Symphony Orchestra, where she plays violin and oboe/English horn.

Kristen has experience with most woodwind instruments, including saxophone, flute, piccolo, and of course oboe and English horn. She also plays all stringed instruments and enjoys teaching and playing violin, viola, and cello.

John D’Aquino

Guitar (pop/ rock)

John D’Aquino is an accomplished guitar player with a rich musical journey spanning seven years. Possessing a strong foundation in self-taught expertise, he also benefited from the guidance of his highly skilled father. Prior to his guitar pursuits, John underwent formal education in trumpet and music theory.

Guitar playing has evolved into a lifelong passion for John, serving as a constant companion throughout pivotal life moments. It has proven to be both a source of ongoing self-improvement and a means of transcending the mundane aspects of life. During his collegiate years, John’s musical prowess led him to instruct his roommate in guitar and establish a successful band.

More recently, John’s musical journey intersected with his academic pursuits as a law student, culminating in a notable performance at the Lawyers for the Arts fundraiser concert. Drawing from his diverse experiences, John is well-equipped to offer a comprehensive and tailored learning experience for beginners and intermediate players alike. His approach encompasses theoretical insights, refined technique, compositional skills, exploration of diverse musical genres, and a focal emphasis on nurturing the student’s personal interests and passions.

Noemi Bekteshi

Violin (online)

Noemi Bekteshi emerges as a distinguished violinist with a trajectory encompassing nearly two decades of devoted musical pursuit. Demonstrating exceptional talent and unwavering commitment, she has ascended to a prominent position within the realm of classical music. Noemi’s immersion in the world of music began at an even earlier age, as she embarked on piano studies at the age of 2 under the tutelage of her mother, Dr. Antonella Di Giulio, an esteemed pianist herself. This foundational exposure provided the basis for her dual proficiency in both violin and piano, setting the stage for her remarkable musical evolution.

At the tender age of 4, she commenced her journey as a violinist under the guidance of Olga Hamer in Nijmegen, Holland, thus igniting a lifelong passion for the instrument. Progressing in her education, Noemi further refined her violin artistry in Duesseldorf (Germany) under the esteemed instruction of Ines Armanino. Seeking opportunities for artistic growth and cross-cultural enrichment, she undertook a transformative phase in the United States, where she garnered invaluable insights and mentorship from renowned musicians, thus expanding her musical horizons.

Noteworthy is Noemi’s dedication to classical violin, a discipline in which she has honed her expertise through the Suzuki method. This approach underscores her steadfast pursuit of mastery and artistry. Her participation in collaborative ensembles reflects her versatility and adeptness in harmonizing with fellow musicians, contributing substantively to collective musical endeavors.

Throughout her journey, Noemi Bekteshi has earned a commendable array of accolades, solidifying her reputation as a performer. Her violin performances have been met with acclaim in competitions and festivals, encompassing both piano and violin domains. This accolade-laden trajectory stands as a testament to her profound ability to convey emotion through her musical interpretation.

Beyond her remarkable musical accomplishments, Noemi also assumes the role of managing editor for the publication MusicaIQ, a semi-academic journal catering to professional musicians. This editorial responsibility attests to her intellectual engagement within the music community and underscores her role as a thought leader.

Efrem Bekteshi


Efrem Bekteshi emerges as a seasoned violinist, his musical journey spanning nearly two decades with a profound commitment to excellence. Beginning his musical odyssey at the age of 3, Efrem’s passion for the violin took root under the guidance of Olga Hamer in Nijmegen, Holland, becoming the cornerstone of his artistic identity.

An even earlier initiation into music came through piano studies at the age of 2, skillfully mentored by his mother, Dr. Antonella Di Giulio. This early foundation laid the groundwork for Efrem’s remarkable dual proficiency in both violin and piano. Efrem pursued advanced studies in Duesseldorf, guided by the expertise of Ines Armanino. Seeking broader horizons, he embarked on an enriching chapter in the United States.

Efrem’s artistic narrative is deeply intertwined with his dedication to classical violin, honed through the Suzuki method. This instructional approach not only signifies his pursuit of technical mastery but also underscores his embrace of the violin’s emotive power. The arc of Efrem’s journey is adorned with accolades, affirming his stature as a performer of remarkable repute. His enthralling violin performances have consistently resonated with audiences and adjudicators alike, spanning competitions and festivals that encompass both the piano and violin domains.

Beyond his solo achievements, Efrem has assumed a pivotal role as the first violin and performance coordinator for the distinguished salon music ensemble “Espresso.” His leadership has infused the ensemble’s performances with an elevated artistic sensibility, exemplifying his capacity to curate captivating musical experiences.