“Antonella is not only highly educated in the music world, but is patient, kind, down to earth and an all around incredible piano instructor. I highly recommend!”


“Antonella has been wonderful to work with! She did not hesitate to take on working with our 4 year old and has been patient and kind. Our daughter loves lessons and is learning so much! She has also been so insightful and knowledgeable. We have enjoyed our time with her so far!”

Elie C.

“It was a great learning experience! Dr. Antonella Di Giulio teaches all aspects of piano playing, from music theory and the
historical context of a particular piece, to the small details of performance technique. As a physician, I could even relate to the
orthopedic aspects of piano performance.”

Jeremy M.

“Antonella connects with our child in such a special way which provides her with confidence, self-worth and musical exploration.”

Nhu T.

“Mrs. Digiulio is a wonderful teacher! She enjoys teaching and it shows through her endless patience with my son who loves to try to take short cuts while playing. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to learn piano.”

Tracy T.

“The instructors knowledge or music, kindness, patience and ability to teach students the in a way that they, as individuals, learn


“Antonella is an extraordinary teacher. She’s interesting, kind and fun. She is focused on technique, musicality and mastering the
musical pieces. I am an adult student and found that most teachers demanded little of me and and were not particularly
rigorous. I started as a beginner a few years ago with Antonella, and we are now working our way through the Mozart sonatas”

My daughter has been training with Antonella for years and she does wonderful with kids. She loves music and has a passion that will help her students learn music and have fun while doing it!”AT
Antonella is an AMAZING teacher. I am an older adult student, with no music theory or background. She is very patient, accommodating, and uses very useful analogies that help me visualize what to do in a way that helps me learn and remember. My own weakness is in making time to diligently practice. I look forward to each lesson, and give her my highest recommendation.“

“Our experience with Antonella has been wonderful. She has high standards but is also extremely patient with young students. My daughter has learned beautiful technique but more importantly, she has expanded her mind, improved her sense of discipline and commitment and learned to play piano with a feel for the music. Working with Antonella is fantastic for the student and their parent/guardian. It’s a joint effort. I highly recommend Antonella!”

Debbie (Taught in Student’s Home)
“Antonella taught me (female age 35) and my son (age 11) piano for about 1-2 years. She was patient with us and very flexible with our busy schedule. I would highly recommend her to family/friends.”

John (Taught in Student’s Home)
“Antonella is a phenomenal teacher and motivator. My two children – Jacob 14 and Corinne 12 have been taking lessons from her for over 4 years and have grown to play very well and just as important love playing the piano thanks to her patient and skilled teaching style.”

Ken (Taught at our Teacher’s Studio Location)
“Antonella is a wonderful piano teacher! She is very passionate about piano teaching to young kids, very patient and encouraging to kids. She is one of the hardest working teacher I have ever met! My son has learned so much piano from her during the years.”

“Antonella is an incredible instructor with a gift for working with children. Her ability to teach along with allowing the children to enjoy and understand the importance of music theory is beyond any instructors in this area. She is always flexible and willing to do what is necessary to ensure each child is well taken care of.”

“Well structured and personalized lessons.
Had fun learning piano under Antonella.”

“Antonella is patient, thoughtful, and engaging. Our kids absolutely adore her!”

“Antonella is an amazing teacher. She is dedicated and patient. My son has been with her for years and has grown and learned so much. She really puts her heart and soul into helping her students grow to their full potential. We couldn’t ask for more!”

Jim F.
“Very inspiring. Antonella helped me realize just how much I needed to learn. She did this in a very encouraging way. I’m looking forward to my next lesson.”

Paul C.
“Antonella has been teaching piano to my two daughters (ages 8 and 12) for a number of years now. They have progressed terrifically during that time and really enjoy learning from her. She has a gentle approach but also keeps the girls focused and accountable which is important. They have had multiple opportunities to perform in recitals and competitions that are always enjoyable as well. Antonella is a excellent teacher that I would highly recommend.”

“My 7 year old daughter started taking piano lessons this year with Antonella. I am amazed that within such a short period of time she has learned so much. She has progressed from ‘Mary had a little Lamb’ to really beautiful more complex pieces in what seems like no time. 
Antonella is a really excellent teacher, very patient and supportive, yet constantly pushing (gently) to make the student better. She is an incredible pianist herself and really encourages Aoife not just to learn and play the notes, but to really use good movement and techniques which make such a difference to the sound of the piece.
Antonella is professional, committed, highly skilled and very passionate about what she does. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her as an amazing piano teacher.”