In an ever-evolving educational landscape, equipping students with the ability to innovate and think creatively is more crucial than ever. This is particularly true in the realm of music, where the tools for creation are increasingly within anyone’s reach. Yet, the traditional pedagogical approaches often focus primarily on performance and theory, neglecting the valuable skill of composition.

Introducing “Unleashing Your Students’ Musical Creativity,” a comprehensive workshop designed to empower music instructors with the strategies, resources, and confidence to integrate composition into their existing curricula. Through interactive sessions, real-world examples, and guided activities, this workshop will not only enrich your teaching toolkit but also open new horizons for your students’ musical journeys.

Target Audience:

  • Music instructors from all disciplines
  • Music schools and academies
  • Music associations
  • K-12 music teachers


  • Full-day workshop (8 hours, including breaks)

Key Objectives:

  1. To present the pedagogical benefits of teaching composition alongside performance and theory.
  2. To offer a versatile framework for integrating composition into existing curricula, adaptable for various age groups and skill levels.
  3. To provide hands-on experience in lesson planning that incorporates composition activities.
  4. To showcase successful case studies and real-world examples of student work.
  5. To facilitate discussion and sharing of best practices among participants.

Workshop Outline:

Morning Session:

  1. Introduction: The Case for Composition (1 hour)
    • Ice-breaker activity
    • Overview of current pedagogical models
    • Presentation: Why composition matters
  2. Building a Framework: Composition in Context (1 hour)
    • Linking composition to music theory and performance
    • Adapting for various skill levels
    • Interactive: Group brainstorming session
  3. Lesson Planning 101: Incorporating Composition (1 hour)
    • Basics of lesson planning
    • Interactive: Drafting a lesson plan that integrates composition

Afternoon Session:

  1. Case Studies: Success Stories (1 hour)
    • Videos and presentations from teachers who have successfully integrated composition
    • Q&A session
  2. Interactive Workshop: Let’s Compose! (2 hours)
    • Guided composition exercises
    • Peer review and feedback
  3. Panel Discussion and Q&A (1 hour)
    • Panelists from various educational backgrounds
    • Open Q&A with participants
  4. Closing Remarks and Takeaways (30 mins)
    • Summary
    • Handouts, resources, and further reading


Dr. Antonella Di Giulio is a passionate advocate for the transformative power of music and cognitive science. Holding a PhD in Music Theory and Historical Musicology, her quest for knowledge spans as wide as a grand piano’s range.
She is the founder of Musica IQ, a semi-academic journal that serves as a hub for music professionals. Through Musica IQ, interdisciplinary inquiries in music theory, semiotics, and linguistics are explored.

Fascinated by the intersection of cognitive science and musical theory, she avidly delves into topics that explore how music shapes perception and how cognitive architecture influences creative endeavors.

We invite you to join us in pioneering a shift towards a more holistic and innovative music education. Unleash the boundless potential of your students’ musical creativity!

For further information and registration, please contact info@woomtalentcenter.com