Woom Talent Center offers professional development opportunities in music and art education for children and adults through its program, Interarts Academy, to fit every schedule and budget. With synchronous and asynchronous options, it is easier than ever to learn from exceptional educators across the country. Build the experience that is right for you. See our available PD opportunities below.

We have several new courses and are currently updating some old favorites.

*Some classes are Fully Automated Classes: These classes do not offer feedback from an instructor unless you complete the extra credit activity. They are graded automatically and your certificate is available immediately upon the course being successfully completed.

*In person classes: we do believe that in person/ group workshops provide the best opportunity to grow in a positive and encouraging environment.

We believe our courses supply training of the highest caliber. All materials are authored by professionals in their field. Each course is also facilitated by an instructor who provides individualized feedback to every participant. Please ask questions about the course content or contact us if you need technical support or if you would like to organize a workshop in your school or facility as a professional development for your staff members. We believe this interaction is vital in the learning process, as all course topics require some objective reflection and students gain valuable knowledge from a professional’s feedback and experience.

On Site Training – Training at Your Place

Experience the convenience and affordability of on-site training through training at your facility.

When you choose to train at your facility, our trainers will come to your location so that all staff may take advantage of a shared experience.

Looking to schedule training?

1. We require a minimum of 10 members to attend the training.

2. Trainings last a minimum of two hours in length and can be scheduled anytime.

3. Depending on the type of training you are intentioned to book, it might take one or several sessions


Each workshop is designed to give participants an active demonstration of a specific curriculum and is led by a dynamic, experienced trainer.

For custom pricing or to schedule a training, call  Dr. Antonella Di Giulio (Ph.D.) Program Director, at 716-427-4342 or email at info@woomtalentcenter.com.